Visceral: Episode Seven
Caring for Children and Teens with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

With Amelia Kellar, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, the University of Chicago Medicine

Join us for a candid conversation about pediatric inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Our guest, Amelia Kellar, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, specializes in the treatment of children with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Dr. Kellar is also one of only a few physicians in the United States to use a non-invasive diagnostic tool, intestinal ultrasound, to diagnose and treat Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis as part of office treatments.

We’ll delve into:

  • Early signs and the diagnosis journey: How to recognize the often-misunderstood symptoms in children.
  • Recent advancements and the future of pediatric IBD care: promising new treatments and research that offer hope for better management and potential cures, including intestinal ultrasound.

This episode is for parents & families, and anyone touched by pediatric IBD. Don’t miss this vital conversation!

The GI Research Foundation was able to produce this episode of Visceral with a sponsorship from AbbVie. 


Visceral: Listen to Your Gut is a podcast series from the GI Research Foundation: a deep dive into the latest research updates and treatment options for specific digestive diseases. Episodes are presented by physician-scientists and experts at the University of Chicago and feature compelling patient stories.

Stay tuned for more episodes on topics like risk and prevention of GI cancer, hepatology and liver disease, the microbiome and gut health, surgical treatments for ulcerative colitis, and the intersection of diet, nutrition, and GI health.


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