Visceral: Episode 1

The Role of the Gut Microbiome in Your Health

With Eugene Chang, MD, Martin Boyer Professor of Medicine, the University of Chicago Medicine

In this episode, we interview Dr. Eugene Chang, a national and renowned physician-scientist from the University of Chicago. In his lab, he and his team study the interactive relationship between intestinal microbes and the gut they live in, a relationship that is fundamental to our health. When the right balance is disturbed, the consequences can be catastrophic. Large shifts in the bacteria that make up the human microbiome (often caused by changes in environment and lifestyle) can trigger the development of autoimmune diseases such as IBD, Celiac, Diabetes, and others, especially in people who are also genetically susceptible. Dr. Chang’s lab works tirelessly using cutting-edge approaches to better understand the human gut microbiome to prevent and treat disease.

Visceral: Listen to Your Gut is a NEW podcast series from the GI Research Foundation: a deep dive on the latest research updates and treatment options for specific digestive diseases. Episodes are presented by the physician-scientists and experts at the University of Chicago and feature compelling patient stories.

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