IBDYOGA.com is a series of video and audio exercises that will introduce you to yoga, breathing and meditation. Designed by an experienced yoga teacher, Gina Norman of Kaia Yoga, and an IBD patient-physician, the program is intended to complement your medical treatment and inspire you to continue exploring the exercises in your local community classes.

“As an IBD patient and a physician, my first yoga classes were daunting and I was skeptical that yoga and meditation could help me. Thankfully I persisted, and I continue to benefit and grow from my yoga practice with every class that I attend. I wanted to introduce this therapy to other IBD patients.  Together with my doctor and GIRF, we created a safe way for all types of IBD patients to explore and enjoy the benefits of yoga and meditation. The program is intended to complement your medical treatment and to inspire you to further explore yoga and meditation in classes in your local community.”

– Biana Lanson, MD

Instructions to make your practice most effective:

– As with all exercise, practice the yoga sequences on an empty stomach. It’s best to wait ~2 hours after a meal.
– Create a space with very little distractions and turn off your phone.
– Any time you feel uncomfortable during practice, stop and take a rest for a few minutes.
– Always work to remain calm, use common sense, and if something doesn’t feel good, stop.

Help us learn about what benefits you most:

  • Much LessSlightly LessNo DifferentSlightly MoreMuch More
  • Much WorseSlightly WorseNo DifferentSlightly BetterMuch Better
  • Much WorseWorseNo DifferentBetterMuch Better


Video Duration – 41:04 min

– Deeply relaxing poses that help you tune in to your body, calm your nervous system, and reduce symptoms.

Video Duration – 42:51 min

– Designed to help relieve symptoms. Breathing and moving in these poses can reduce stress, relax and strengthen the core, and rejuvenate the body.


Viloma Breathing

Audio Duration – 5:58 min

– Relieves anxiety and stabilizes your nervous system.
– A balancing breathing exercise that both calms and energizes.

Breathing for Pain Relief

Audio Duration – 5:31 min

– A meditative breathing technique that helps focus your mind on your breath and away from the sensations of your pain.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

 Audio Duration – 10:35 min

– Corrects the habitual patterns of holding your breath that may be stressful to your sympathetic nervous system.  Calms anxiety and settles your mind.

Video Duration – 4:27 min

– Relieves anxiety, stabilizes your nervous system, and increases oxygen flow.
– Improves concentration by balancing your solar and lunar; heating and cooling; and masculine and feminine energies.


Mindfulness Meditation

Audio Duration – 10:12 min

– Creates steadiness of mind, allowing you to be fully present and aware without feeling overwhelmed by-or reactive to- adverse symptoms.

Meditation for Symptom Relief

Audio Duration – 3:12 min

– Draws your attention away from intense sensation, providing aid in the moment and offering ease of both body and mind.

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