Instructions to make your practice most effective:

– As with all exercise, practice the yoga sequences on an empty stomach. It’s best to wait ~2 hours after a meal.
– Create a space with very little distractions and turn off your phone.
– Any time you feel uncomfortable during practice, stop and take a rest for a few minutes.
– Always work to remain calm, use common sense, and if something doesn’t feel good, stop.


Video Duration – 4:27 min

– Relieves anxiety, stabilizes your nervous system, and increases oxygen flow.
– Improves concentration by balancing your solar and lunar; heating and cooling; and masculine and feminine energies.

Video Duration – 41:04 min

– Deeply relaxing poses that help you tune in to your body, calm your nervous system, and reduce symptoms.

Video Duration – 42:51 min

– Designed to help relieve symptoms. Breathing and moving in these poses can reduce stress, relax and strengthen the core, and rejuvenate the body.


Breathing for Pain Relief

Audio Duration – 5:31 min

– A meditative breathing technique that helps focus your mind on your breath and away from the sensations of your pain.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

 Audio Duration – 10:35 min

– Corrects the habitual patterns of holding your breath that may be stressful to your sympathetic nervous system.  Calms anxiety and settles your mind.

Viloma Breathing

Audio Duration – 5:58 min

– Relieves anxiety and stabilizes your nervous system.
– A balancing breathing exercise that both calms and energizes.


Mindfulness Meditation

Audio Duration – 10:12 min

– Creates steadiness of mind, allowing you to be fully present and aware without feeling overwhelmed by-or reactive to- adverse symptoms.

Meditation for Symptom Relief

Audio Duration – 3:12 min

– Draws your attention away from intense sensation, providing aid in the moment and offering ease of both body and mind.

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