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A message from the President:

Happy New Year!

I hope you’ve noticed that we are trying to do a better job staying in touch with you over the past few months.  In particular, I am pleased to share with you this publication: Gut Instinct. You can expect to receive this newsletter and event information on a more regular basis.  Our goal is to make sure you feel informed about important happenings at the GI Research Foundation and the University of Chicago Digestive Diseases Center.  

I’m very excited about 2019. I’d like to officially introduce our two new staff members: Alysha Biehl, our Executive Director, and Farrah Watson, our Director of Finance and Operations. With these two senior-level hires, we have the critical leadership in fundraising and financial management that positions us for growth.  Like all of us, they are aligned with our goals to raise as much support as possible for all areas of digestive diseases research. Please feel free to reach out to Alysha or Farrah to introduce yourself, tell them about your connection to our cause and to ask any questions.  

As I move into my third year as president, I’d like to thank my fellow board members whose hard work makes my job easy.  A special kudos to our 2019 Ball Committee who set the tone with their theme: Laughter is the Best Medicine; and to back it up have secured David Spade as our entertainer.  I hope you will mark June 1 on your calendar and join us that night.

Finally, I’m humbled by the dedication of our volunteers who spend countless hours helping make the world a little brighter for people living with digestive diseases.  I am personally grateful for your tireless support of our mission.

If you have any comments about this publication or would like to add any of your friends or family to our mailing list, please send an e-mail to:

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