A Life Free From Digestive Disease

Seventy million Americans live with a digestive disease. The GI Research Foundation is at the forefront of science and discovery, partnering with the nationally-ranked University of Chicago Medicine Digestive Diseases Center to transform their lives.

Associates Board

Funding groundbreaking research by digestive disease scientists at the start of their career.

Danny Goldberg
Associates Board President

Associate Board Advisors

Sushila Dalal, MD
Medical Advisor
Assistant Professor
University of Chicago Medicine

Ashley Sidebottom, PhD
Scientific Advisor
Metabolomics Platform Director, DFI-HMMF
University of Chicago Medicine

Associate Board Members

Danny Goldberg, President

Katie Bryan

Courtney Cebula

Kathleen Cipolla

Noa Krugliak Cleveland, MD

Kurt Dziama

Rachel Eagle


Jaclyn Hanley

Carly Hennig

Jordan Hirsh

Joan Lines

Trevor Long

Jacqueline Lopez



Dejan Micic, MD

Sheetal Shah

Carli Thomas

Logan Turban

Katherine Waldeck

Morgan Waldeck

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